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Fresh & Local grown green produce from Singapore

Welcome to Vegeponics

At Vegeponics, we are proud to grow & sell good, clean food that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Fresh, Nutritious local produce, grown right here in Singapore. We also stock Fresh Produce you need to nourish and care for your family; from growing your own food to creating a healthy home.

We are a 100% Free From Pesticide Farm, Freshness Guaranteed.

Vegeponic's Container Farm

Vegeponic’s stackable Container Farm incorporates sophisticated vertical farming methodology to optimise Vegetable Crops growing with our patent-pending ACEA (Advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture) Technology.

Together we work to support Clean & Nutritious local grown produce, connect and inspire our vibrant community through education and enrichment programs.

Our Crops

Our Crops

100% Pesticide Free

Vegeponics adopted the nation's guideline to ensure produce from our vegetable farm are grown sustainably and 100% free from pesticides – known as the Singapore Standard (SS) 661: Specification for Clean and Green Urban Farms that was launched in March 2021. We use physical, natural and cultural controls to protect our produce from pests and pathogens. We adapted stringent requirements throughout the growing process to minimise the vegetables' exposure to pathogens and pest and that has removed the need for pesticides.

Locally Farmed

We in Vegeponics set our heart to grow Vegetable crops in Singapore to ensure constant supply chain visibility, operational transparency, sustainable growth and also resilience against future disruptions. We have developed a set of best practices and farm management systems to ensure our local production are clean and hygienic, producing the best Quality vegetables for Singapore's growing population.

Freshly Harvested Daily

With intense amount of technology, digitalisation, automation and energy efficiency that we have put in place, Vegeponics now has the full capabilities to produce Fresh, Safe and Nutritious Vegetables, harvesting everyday by our dedicated team, right to your doorstep.

Always a delight to serve you!

From Seedlings To Plants.
100% Freshness Guaranteed