About Us

Pioneer hydroponic farming in Singapore.

Bring plant power to the people.

Founded “Ding He Agriculture Pte Ltd” since 2018, rename to “Vegeponics Singapore Pte Ltd” at 2020. One of the vertical indoor farms transforming into stackable container farming located at 111 Neythal Road . The farm incorporates new technology and farming method to optimise growth of their crops with weather resilient, pesticide free environment providing their consumer with the safe to consume produce.


Highest Quality . Happy Veggies

100% Safe
Top Quality
100% Pesticides Free

Advanced Controlled Environment Agri-Technology Farming System (ACEA)

Vegeponics takes pride by implementing Singapore engineered, patent-pending close-looped farming system, Advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology (ACEA). Our vegetable crops are carefully grown using Approved Planting Mix by Singapore’s NParks board with enhanced microbial technology to obtain optimum growth yields and improves nutritional values proven with output quality, wholesome taste and freshness.

Freshness Guaranteed

Our produce is 100% pesticide free and promises safe and healthy consumption. Our produce is grown indoors. We are impervious to the tropical climate. We harvest and deliver our produce daily.